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    My preferred settings under Tools> Configuration> Interface & Features for Tiny Mce prior to upgrading evo1.0.8 to 1.0.10 were as follows:

    Theme: Full

    This gave me extra boxes for Custom plugins and custom Buttons where I could list all the acceptable Tiny Mce features see image
    And looked like this on the editor

    This feature has now disappeared in 1.0.10

    I have tried upgrading to version TinyMCE Rich Text Editor (14) - 3.5.8 a few months ago to try and fix it, but its still the same rubbish 10 selectors in these themes see image

    My clients appreciated the extra buttons and tools the previous system offered them.

    How can I get them back, but keep my system upto date with the latest modx release.

    Luckily I havent upgraded all of my sites as Im not happy with 1.0.10 and may go to WP instead sad

    Im also struggling to link my css file to Tiny Mce via the Modx configuration

    Can anyone help me please?

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      custum is oke, whats below these fields of your TinyMCE Settings?
      There you should enter these fields like here:

      I always use:


        Evolution user, I like the back-end speed and simplicity smiley