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    I have 2 contexts: web and French. In the english context the Login snippet works as expected. However in the french one, any login attempt sends me to the english context, which results in landing on the english error page. The Login snippet is on https://www.mypage.com/fr/login.html (FURL) and on Login attempt it tries to land on https://www.mypage.com/login.html. It's not redirecting to resource 228.

    [[!Login? &loginTpl=`lgnLoginTpl_fr` &logoutTpl=`lgnLogoutTpl_fr` &errTpl=`lgnErrTpl_fr` &loginResourceId=`228` &logoutResourceId=`273` &contexts=`web,French`]]

    Added a snippet to detect the context and it returns French.
    return $modx->context->get('key');

    I tried adding &postHooks=`check_context` and in the check_context snippet I tried the code from http://forums.modx.com/thread/83395/multiple-context-login but I get the same error.

    I also tried adding this but with no luck:

    Is there a way to tell Login to stay on the French context? Or maybe some other Login functionality or tricks I should be using?

    Big thanks in advance, any help is much needed and appreciated!

    Modx Revo 2.2.8-pl and Login 1.8.1