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  • Hi,

    MODx Revolution 2.2.7 traditional

    I'm having a problem to get the Drag/Drop feature working with my CMP. All I get is the icon telling me something like: "You can't drop that thing here, not supported, not allowed".
    The docs aren't really a big kind of help, because everything mentioned there says that it's built-in functionality.

    CMP.panel.PANEL = function(config) {
        config = config || {};
        Ext.applyIf(config, {
            id: 'cmp-panel-panel-id'
            ,items: [{
                xtype: 'modx-combo'
                ,url: CONNECTOR_URL
                ,baseParams: {
                    action: 'ACTION'

    Ext.extend(CMP.panel.PANEL, MODx.FormPanel, {

    I walked through some relevant MODx ExtJS files which are used to build / create FormPanels, but haven't found a hint on how to get it working. Additionally I haven't found a component yet to allow Drag/Drop functionality via a MODx.FormPanel.

    Strange thing: When creating a MODx.Window which automatically has a form included I am able to drop any element/resource/file from the tree on any field.

    Any hint, trick, help is really appreciated. [ed. note: herooutoftime last edited this post 7 years, 11 months ago.]
    • Alright,

      got it solved.
      Ext.extend(CMP.panel.PANEL, MODx.FormPanel
              setup: function() {

      Firing the 'ready' event did the trick. Should have looked closer into MODx.FormPanel...