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  • I'm working on moving site with a lot of news and articles to MODX. Viewing all articles to make corrections and clicking on documents tree made me tired quickly.
    So, I've created this small plugin which adds 3 buttons in actions menu to navigate next, previous or parent document.

    UPD 1.1 - now you can go to the next or previous document after saving current one

    Use this link https://github.com/Pathologic/managerNav/archive/1.1.zip to install plugin with http://extras.evolution-cms.com/ private repository, or install it manually.

    Plugin options:

    • field - any site_content field to navigate through (default is menuindex);
    • Cycle navigation - choose Yes to enable cycle navigation (default is Yes)
    [ed. note: pathologic last edited this post 7 years ago.]
    • That is a really good idea!
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