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  • Has anyone else encountered weird pop ups while using Chrome and trying to edit/save a resource?

    I'm on MODX 1.0.10 and I'm using:

    1. A Non-admin account (with privileges to create/edit resources)
    2. ManagerManager to hide/customize what the non-admin user can edit

    This problem appears quite randomly on Chrome. When editing a resource, sometimes what you see in the following screenshot (see attachment) appears - that "couldn't find parent document's name!" message. If not that, when trying to save, a pop up will appear saying you don't have enough privileges.

    What I do know is when you clear Chrome's cache, the problem goes away. I don't exactly know what triggers it (could it be multiple log-ins, multiple logins from multiple computers, expired logins - I really don't know.)

    The last thing I remember doing was setting up this account (so that meant me accessing it from another computer and testing it out) before giving it to someone else for them to use.

    Firefox doesn't exhibit this, just Chrome.

    An admin-role account doesn't show this problem either.