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  • Hello,

    I am using form customization to hide parts of the Articles add-on when a user updates / creates a new blog post.

    I located the ID of the div and added it as a region in form customization and then deselected visible, everything was working fine or so I thought.

    When I go back into the SET to check it my custom tab is nowhere to be found, although the div ID is still hidden and appears to be working ok when viewed. the same happens when I duplicate a SET, my custom region ID's disappear.

    I had the problem in MODX Revolution 2.2.8-pl (traditional) so I upgraded to MODX Revolution 2.2.9-pl (traditional) but it still seems to be a problem.

    I am not sure what other info I can offer, does anyone else have problems using form customization?, I did a search and found a few problems similar to what I am experiencing but they were on earlier versions of modx revo.

    thank you


    This question has been answered by timbo_la. See the first response.

    • Grey Sky Media Reply #2, 8 years ago
      I haven't been able to get form customization to work for the last two sites I've built. I haven't had a chance to set up a fresh install to figure it out, but, I will soon.
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      • The bug has no progress on it as it's considered minor: Bug#7657.

        I am able to hide them but I can't see the settings afterward, as referenced in this thread.
        • discuss.answer
          Thanks for the replies.

          rx2 - the thread you linked to is the one that I mentioned in my original post, I thought it would have been fixed as that thread is quite old.

          If form customization doesn't seem to be working at the moment for me / us, what other options do we have to choose to achieve what form customization does?

          one thing I did try last night was to make a new ID region called TEST, saved it, closed it, then went back in to see if it was still there and it had disappeared. Surely that is a bug? if so I will submit it.

          It would be great to have form customization working as I would use it a lot.


          • I don't know of any other options. It always works for me so I'm not sure why it wouldn't work.