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    I use Modx Evo 1.0.10 - If i edit any Site to insert a picture, i can not see my pictures on the webserver. (preview) In TinyMCE i am click on the Image Button, and then on the "manage picture" Icon. I can Upload any/new picture. i can make a new subfolder. but i dont see: my pictures on the webserver, i dont see the picture (*.png, *.jpg et all) I've just uploaded or the new subfolder

    The URL from the window is:


    where do I look for more infos about this "bug" ( it is not my webserver / no root access. but i can see the logfiles)

    thanks for help
    • Check your Configuration -> Interface and Features to make sure it's pointing to the correct path. Also check your user in the User tab to make sure it's using the system default.
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        I am having problem on a few of my sites using Evolution both updated and not updated using the File Browser. On one I can get into the File Browser but not select an image or file I want to link to, on another I can't upload, and on the last I can't the first pop up window It's just blank and says {#advlink_dlg.title} on top. I have tried reinstalling MODx before and reinstalling the plugin but nothing is working.


Any thoughts?