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    What is SEO?? Why it is Used in Internet marketing??
    • Search Engine Optimization. It's basically just common sense. If you want somebody searching for "cute kittens" to see your site high up on the search results, then you need to use "cute kittens" in your title, headings and content. The page's title (the one in the template head, that shows at the top of the browser window) is searched, as well as headings in your content, like an outline. And it helps if you have the phrases you're interested in as a natural part of your content, especially in the first paragraph.

      There are a few basic things to keep in mind - loading up your pages with keywords and phrases will actually end up penalizing your site, so make it a natural part of the content of the page. Think outline. A page should only have one H1 element, just as an outline has one title.

      SEO has really been all blown up out of proportion, mostly by SEO consultants who want to make money.

      Here's my favorite set of articles on the topic of marketing your site. http://impress-design.com/how-to-dominate-your-local-or-niche-market
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        lol Susan, I wonder if you just replied to a bot?

        I'm not sure I agree with your assessment I'm afraid. The amount of terribly poor architecture decisions made by developers indicates that there is a need for technical SEO, and unfortunately the days of just writing about a topic including the correct keywords faded away a long time ago.

        The SEO process is more closely aligned with quality digital marketing now than it ever has been, and quality digital marketing activity that will be rewarded with strong search rankings certainly isn't easy if you're working in a moderately competitive market.

        That said, it is true that SEO is full of snake oil sales people who do not have any real skill in the area... On reflection, this is very similar to the web development industry where poor coding practices are rife.

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          I'm hearing about horrifying things in SEO since Google's so-called "Penguin" and "Panda" algorithm updates. Consultants (highly priced, of course) are engineering multi-tiered schemes that their clients must spend a fortune to operate. For instance, a massive Twitter campaign is used to boost "authority" as computed by Facebook. Facebook in turn allows more no-charge exposure of the client's material than it otherwise would. That material incorporates links back to the client's Web site. Noting all of those links, Google computes a higher search rank for the client than it otherwise would.

          This is slightly less manipulative and cynical than how SEO worked in "the good old days," when the client simply subscribed to link farms in order to bamboozle Google.

          But all of this is ephemeral, as Google changes the algorithm and one social media service or another rises and falls in popularity. It's also risky, since Google reserves the right to blackball anything they consider abusive or unnatural with regard to the search user's experience.

          So it seems best to start at the center, at the client's Web site, and work outward: Pick an appropriate domain name, get the meta keywords right, create and post truly useful stuff, provide a map for the spiders' use. Then guest-post and trade links with established opinion leaders and dive into the (sickening, IMHO) social media and video-posting morass. Oh, and if at all possible, get your sob story or 3.5-minute abs pitch onto daytime television. Ecchhh!

          But seriously, folks .... A couple of young guys in my area are featuring Wordpress by name as a selling point in promoting their Web-marketing consultancy. I asked them why. Is it because Wordpress has helpful name recognition among potential clients? Well sometimes yes, they said. But they also cited Google's public-facing search guru, Matt Cutts, whom they reported says Wordpress automatically does everything right in terms of SEO. (If you accept that, good luck, guys.)
            I looked just like that in 1964.
          • I got into the Internet before the WWW (ran a Maximus BBS on OS/2 before that - my husband got so annoyed at the frequent connections to my BBS that he made me turn off the sound on my modem), so the commercialization of the Web has never sat well with me. And now the advertising (obviously, I run Adblock Plus and NoScript) and CEO spamming tactics are even more repugnant. I had one client ask me if he should hire one of these CEO shysters that had spammed him. I told him to put the search terms he was interested in into Google. He was #1 on two of the terms, and #3 on the rest. This was after I told him to get rid of some of the images of himself, fancy hotel venues and of the scanned letters he got from governors, senators, etc. and put some content on his home page that would inform viewers what he was actually doing.
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                It's interesting. Bob's Guides used to be right at the top of just about any Google search with "modx" in it. For a while, it was often above this site. I've always ignored SEO tricks in favor of just having quality content, which used to work -- no longer, apparently.

                The algorithm has obviously changed because it's no longer there and is now often several pages down. I could be being penalized for having the site in my sig. (17,000+ links to the site may be a little suspicious). Or maybe the word MODX just appears too many times on my site. If you Google MODX followed by one of my extras, I'm usually right up there, but in searches for MODX information in general, I'm pretty much missing.

                Luckily, I don't care. wink

                I think people who need the information on my site eventually find it.

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                  SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic to website from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” listings on search engines. All major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing have such results, where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users.In according to me the favorite SEO strategy are:-

                  1. Select the most relevant Keywords
                  2. Look what competitors are doing
                  3. Create a quality content that is linkable and sharable
                  4. Optimize title and met tags
                  5. Optimize headings and subheadings
                  6. Forum Posting
                  7. Link Building
                  8. Article Submission
                  9. Blog Posting
                  10. Press Release etc.