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  • I do get the pagetitle from the ditto page, but that's not what I want... I want it from the data shown on the ditto page. I have an output of data called through ditto. The user clicks on the data (listing number) that they are interested in and is linked to another page. I want that information passed to the landing page and shown before the user submits information.
    • a little more info - i am showing some data on a page, land listings.. there are multiple

      Listing 1:

      <input type="hidden" name="listing_number" value="321"> <a href="index.php?id=46">321</a>

      Listing 2:

      <input type="hidden" name="listing_number" value="322"> <a href="index.php?id=46">322</a>

      i am trying to pass the list_number 321 to the index.php?id=46 page...

      and then reference it...