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    heloo... can any body help me please ?? i have a problem in @EVAL return $modx->runSnippet('SnippetName'); ..

    my snippet code like image below..

    i don't know what happen, my code is working in modx evolution 1.0.8 but in modx evolution in 1.0.9 is not working ...

    thank you ...

    sorry my english is not good ..

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      i'm forgoted.. when i'm click ok. the result is ok.. but the message error make me don't understand what wrong with my code ..

      thank you ..
      • Maybe the following issues: The snippet should not return FALSE but '' in line 8. $type is not set in Line 17.
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          Also, add this at the top:


          BTW, if you run the snippet from a tag in a resource while you're developing, you'll get more meaningful error messages.

          Also, your server has E_NOTICE errors turned on. It should be off for a live site. Otherwise, trivial coding errors that would not cause a problem may make a plugin or @EVAL TV hang with no error message. [ed. note: BobRay last edited this post 10 years, 8 months ago.]
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          • Indeed, for a live site, all errors should be sent to an error log rather than displayed on-screen.

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