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  • Hi community,

    since Evo 1.0.9, there is a strange behaviour in tinyMCE. When inserting a line like

    it will discard the tags after saving.
    Even worse when you write something like
    <p>{{someChunk}} some text</p>

    it will only remove the trailing tag which results in invalid xhtml.
    Did anybody already encounter this bug or can reproduce it or even has a solution for this?

    • I dunno if you really need it to be into the contentfield?

      If not maybe you can use this?
        Evolution user, I like the back-end speed and simplicity smiley
      • Of course I could get around it as you proposed, thanks btw
        Quote from: fourroses666 at Jul 23, 2013, 10:53 AM

        but still tinyMCE shouldn't behave like this and it didn't before 1.0.9
        • Hi,
          I can reproduce this behaviour, r.oder.ich has mentioned. I already had trouble with some projects because of that - now I know the reason.

          I often provide my customers with a shortcut-kind-of chunk, that puts out a company name, e. g.
          {{3v}} -> 3<span class="v">v</span>-immobilien

          fourroses666's solution assumes, that a editor is able to create/modify chunks. This is forbidden in my concept of roles and rights and therefore no alternative.

          A workaround is to place the chunk inside another tag, like
          <p><span>{{someChunk}}</span> Text here.</p>

          But I then, I have to tell my customers to use the HTML-Editor... Better not. wink

          I can also state, that this behaviour starts with 1.0.9 and wasn't there in 1.0.8. So, there might be some changes in TinyMCE implementation in the community driven MODx Evo.

          Help will be highly appreciable, smiley
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