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    Hello. I have some problem in linking the multidomain site.
    How to check in MODx API REVO the existanse of the resource in choosen context with some alias? For example, I have two context - main 'web' context & 'subdomain' context. And I set in my cookie the context of some user. I have pages with alias - 'contacts' in both context, and need to link user to the subdomain.domain.contacts.html, cause of in cookie I know, he belongs to this context, and the page subdomain.domain.contacts.html - exist.

    I try to find the solution in GetResources snippet, but have seen it has no 'alias parameter'.

    Be very glad to know the solution.
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      You can use the
      property in getResources. With that, you can use any field of the resource (e.g., 'alias' and 'context_key').
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