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  • distant_smile Reply #1, 7 years ago
    Hi all,

    I have been running 2 Ajaxsearches on my site for a while now, and they return 2 images from pages that match the search criteria. The problem is it takes a while from the search query to view the search results. My calls are:

    [!AjaxSearch? &ajaxSearch=`0` &showIntro=`0` &showResults=`0` &landingPage=`60` &advSearch=`allwords`!]


    [!AjaxSearch? &asId=`as2` &ajaxSearch=`0` &showIntro=`0` &showResults=`0` &landingPage=`79`  &advSearch=`allwords`!]

    The landing pages have this code:

    [!AjaxSearch? &hideMenu=`0` &ajaxSearch=`0` &parents=`71,212,267,277,506,594,818` &withTV=`pagetitle` &tvPhx=`Factfile,Factfile2` &order=`pagetitle` &rank=`description:100,longtitle:10,pagetitle:10` &extract=`2:longtitle,introtext` &highlightResult=`0`!]


    [!AjaxSearch? &asId=`as2` &hideMenu=`0` &ajaxSearch=`0` &parents=`71,81,211,212,256,267,277,294,376,500,506,577,594,818` &withTV=`pagetitle` &tvPhx=`Factfile,Factfile2` &order=`pagetitle`  &rank=`description:100,longtitle:10,pagetitle:10` &extract=`2:longtitle,introtext` &highlightResult=`0`!]

    respectively. Can anyone see what might be slowing my search? Is it as simple as I am asking it to look into som many parent files?

    Any help appreciated, thank you
    • On landing page, remove the ranking process (&rank=`description:100,longtitle:10,pagetitle:10`. This should improve performances. The ranking is a php post-query process.
      • distant_smile Reply #3, 7 years ago
        Thank you Coroico. Obviously the ranking process is important to me as it returns the results in the order I want. Is there any way of keeping it, maybe a different way?
        • I guess ther is no way to speed it up and keep the &rank parameter. Maybe there is an alternative way to achieve this result that is more efficient?

          My site is set up so that you could enter 'brown caterpillar' and it will return the pages with those words and TV's oull in a picture to display in the results. Therefore if you do not know the name of the caterpillar you can browse the results and click any that look similar. If I remove &rank, I have things like Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies appearing higher in my search than actual Tiger's, this is what I don't want. Any pointers would be appreciated as I would like to save my &rank style of searching. I would put in a custom google search but they only return listings and you cant (as far as I know) integrate any sort of TV with them.

          I look forward to hearing any ideas/opinions