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  • Hello, I use ManagerLogin snippet and with the new version modx 1.0.10 dont work anymore.

    I think the problem is on line 139 to line 141 of file dont do the correct for new Password hash algorithm in manager.

    if ($usr_password != md5($form_password)) {
    $errors[] = $_lang['err_invalid_passwd'];

    Any ideas...?

    • I don't know/use that Snippet, but you're right as for the changed hash generation.

      Take a look at genHash() function in
      Try to replace md5(pw) with $modx->manager->genHash(pw,uid) to upgrade your custom snippet for Evo 1.0.9+

      If this gives errors, my guess would be you're not (yet) in manager and can't use the getHash functions? Maybe you can clone these to your snippet. [ed. note: IngMA last edited this post 5 years, 7 months ago.]
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      • Have you solved the problem yet?
        • Fixed version is here: