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  • I have been tinkering around with a built in forum for evolution for a while and would like to get some feedback to help decide whether or not to continue development.

    Categories, Forums, and Subforums are modx documents
    Built in Category and Reply seperator TVs allow you to insert content at strategic points in the display output, unique to each forum
    Customizable webuser permission level settings
    Customizable webuser settings
    Webuser account management panel
    Webuser new account management plugin
    Webuser profile
    Ban management
    Topic / Reply ratings
    Hook system allows you to tap into the process at various points
    All files are language translatable, easily add new languages
    All files are templated
    works with mysql 4 & 5

    evolution 1.0.9 or above

    [ed. note: breezer last edited this post 8 years, 4 months ago.]
      http://frsbuilders.net (under construction) forum for evolution
    • Well, i hope you don't except to hear bad words from me mate smiley

      I find this project quite awesome for a number of reasons. I like its simplicity and the fact that it has almost no issues and problems(the few that have appeared so far were dealt with swiftly). Also, it is easy to install and it is modx's solution to the lack of a proper forum problem that has plagued modx for ages. No more trying to get help from smf forums! tongue

      I don't know just how many people really need a forum solution with their modx sites, but if you do decide to go through with developing this project, i will try and help however i can smiley
      • So far it does look solid to me, dunno about the interest of others.
        I have never build a site with a forum thow.
        Dunno if I can use it for a friend of mine, I'd like to build a forum for him with this.

        Do you have a used website with the forum Breezer?
        // Github will be a good place for further development if you are not planning to use a licence on it.

        Greetz M.

          Evolution user, I like the back-end speed and simplicity smiley
        • As far as the licensing goes, it's open source but I should clarify that in the download. Putting the code on Github is an option I may pursue at a later date if there is enough interest smiley

          I'll pm you the link to a basic test install on a live server, although give me a few days to get more categories with different options made up ( spring cleaning has taken precedence at the moment ).
            http://frsbuilders.net (under construction) forum for evolution
          • I am interesting this project. I want GitHub repository.
            • :)

              Did some fast test and found two possible improvements.

              - Account activation mail got into spam.
              (But I think that has to do with your server, I think the server got somekind of grey listing ?!)
              - When posting a message which goes on page 2, after create I get redirected to page 1. Would be nicer if you stick to the same page, (maybe ajax!)

              [ed. note: fourroses666 last edited this post 8 years, 8 months ago.]
                Evolution user, I like the back-end speed and simplicity smiley
              • @breezer

                Is the download no-longer available ?

                I am now in a situation where I will probably need a form of help forum for individual, lets say, projects

                Each project having its own forum category


                • Sorry for the long delay, I was in the process of changing quite a few things from the previous released version and due to an extended family illness I have not been able to work on it lately.

                  I am currently finishing up the new module code and should be able to release a new version in about two weeks.
                    http://frsbuilders.net (under construction) forum for evolution
                  • @breezer

                    Great, thanks for the heads up

                    Just out of interest:

                    Is it best to use the forum code on a new install and use the new install solely as a forum and nothing else ?

                    Or can it be directly integrated into a current site ?

                    • Yes, the forum can be installed on an existing site. The default installed template(s) in the modx manager are just to show the available placeholders which can then be integrated into your site template, you will also have to modify the forum css files but thats easy enough.
                        http://frsbuilders.net (under construction) forum for evolution