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  • Hi everyone,
    I would like to fix three things :
    -Desactivate recaptcha
    -- It's set as "no" in the quipReply snippet

    - verify the email

    - my input have a default value but i'd like to verifiy that the values are not the same when the user send the comment.

    • Ok maybe I have not been precise enough.

      I would like to :
      - Desactivate ReCaptha wich is set to "no" in the quip snipet, but steel appear in the form, and when I delete the code of the template chunk the comment is nt added.

      - do a verification of the email (...@..."."...)

      - do a verification of the fields (ex if field name = name {don't send})

      I hope it's a better explaination,
      • Ok i'm going to create a more precise topic I've found a solution for the first problem