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  • I have a custom module that allows users to upload multiple files to the images directory (assets/images) and it is no longer working due to the following error:

    Unauthorized access
    You're not allowed to access file folder

    this is a result of migrating to Bluehost's Pro package and the website moving servers. Permissions on the images directory are set to 755.

    Any other thoughts on how to get this working again?

    • Anyone else had trouble with permissions after server migration?
      • nope, the servers where i'm on have 755 and when install modx no need to change any map to 777.

        i'm interested in the module thow ;p
          Evolution user, I like the back-end speed and simplicity smiley
        • Quote from: fourroses666 at May 01, 2013, 07:29 PM
          i'm interested in the module thow ;p
          it is a sweet module....came from a client request "i want to be able to upload a bunch of images at the same time like i do on Facebook".

          the weird thing is that the permissions error seems to be intermittent or perhaps it is generated as the files aren't read fast enough?

          i noticed that if I login and click the images directory immediately it throws the error but if i give it time to load all the directories in the GUI it seems to be OK. There are 3249 files in the directory. Maybe this is the issue?
          • Maybe yes, but if it worked on the old host, there could be a server issue/setting I dunno. I'm not really pro at server settings.
              Evolution user, I like the back-end speed and simplicity smiley