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  • I use the snippet ddTree to create a list of categories. It works perfectly under MODx 1.0.7 on a 1&1 host, but under MODx 1.0.9 on Hostmonster, it creates some additional spaces. I wonder if anybody encountered this issue before and fixed it. I googled, but did not find anything. Any idea what is going on, or how i can fix it? I appreciate any help. I attached a picture with screenshot of the issue and tv setup.

    I actually found out, that the issue also appears when i do _not_ use ddTree. Manually entered values, like


    result in the same issue.
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    • I was just about to ask the same. The styling issue of the TV check boxes seems to have been introduced in Evo 1.0.9 and is still present in Evo 1.0.10 as shown in my screenshot attached. Probably needs reporting as a bug.
      • I was inspecting the element with Chrome's code inspector and found the issue in style.css line 1611:

        form#mutate div.tmplvars label {
        display: block;

        I changed this in the inspector to

        form#mutate div.tmplvars label {
        display: inline-block;

        It seems to be an easy fix. But I better wait for an update, because I am a little scared to break something somewhere else.
        • Yes that did the trick, and as the line only effects TVs Labels I can't see it breaking anything.
          • This bug and many other bugs are fixed with Evo 1.0.10.