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    Hello Babel users,

    I have 2 contexts (en + fr) with some portfolio datas like images and texts.

    Multilanguage is working fine but if i change an image in a resource i need to change it also in the other context. For the texts it seems logical, but for similar datas (like images) it is a pain no ?

    I use synchTvs but this is active when i create resource but not when i re-edit the resources after..

    is it the normal behaviour of actual Babel (2.2.5) or my install (2.2.7) is missing something ?

    Thanx for your help.
      CTRL+SHIFT+U - Clear Cache
      CTRL+SHIFT+H - Hiding Heft Panel
      CTRL+SHIFT+N - Fast Create Resource
      CTRL+ALT+P - Preview Recource (in edit resorce window)
      CTRL+ALT+S - Save