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  • Hi guys, I have an Evo install where the image/file manager was working perfectly till I upgraded. I have read here and found the github to fix the files that are fixed in the 1.0.10 version. Have made those upgrades. I have double checked all file paths and permissions settings that I know to check.

    when I go to create a new folder or upload a photo am getting "You don't have permission to do that" alert and no files show in any of the folders. Screen shot attached. View frame source reveals the right folder is being referenced. I am stumped.

    thoughts? advice? My guys cant add photos.. are unhappy!!


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    • Possible cause is the folder path not being set properly when FCKEditor is loaded, thus potentially pointing to invalid or non-writable folder location. Normally you can view the console log for the network and get the full url with parameters that are being passed to FCKCEditor on initialization. One other thing worth just checking is the System Configuration for the File Manager verify the "File Manager Path" is correct as well. One final measure to verify the "File base path" in the Interface & Features tab as well.

      Worth a try...
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