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  • W. Shawn Wilkerson's book "MODX Revolution - Building the Web Your Way", subtitled "A Journey Through a Content Management Framework", is the second major Revolution book, published by Sanity Press in 2012.

    Why would we want another book, besides BobRay's Official Guide? Personally, I prefer to learn through at least three different authors, to get different points of view and different details highlighted. This has helped me over the last 20 years and more to get a fuller understanding of whatever it is I am studying. I have both books, and love them both equally. BobRay's book perhaps has a more "formal" feel to it, while Shawn's book comes at Revo from a different direction and has a more "practical" feel to it.

    What I would like is some discussion of my review of this book, since I intend to polish up this review and submit it to Slashdot. They don't have anything at all on MODx, and I think it's time we did something about that.

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    • I have just started reading the book a few weeks ago. I think it is really nicely done. Interesting examples and it covers topics like streamlining your site and other frontend dev topics that are not necessarily related to MODX, but more general best practices. I am about half way done with it.

      Your analysis of the book is right on!
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