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  • Hi,
    after upgrading some installations to MODx Evolution 1.0.9, I've encountered issues with TinyMCE:

    1) no <p>& nbsp;</p> anymore
    The default behaviour for hitting enter has changed from <p>& nbsp;</p> to just <p></p>. You see a newline in TinyMCE but modern browsers don't display the output on the frontend.

    I don't want to start a discussion, what should happen in general (br or p). I just want to get the old behaviour back. In 1.0.9 there is a new configuration file called assets/plugins/tinymce/functions.php that confuses me a bit.

    2) Justifying not visible
    The behaviour for justifying has switched from inline styling of the element to a class, which is OK in general. But the corresponding class justifyfull isn't displayed correctly in TinyMCE. Recently, the same thing happened to text-align: center. I found TinyMCE alignment class formats to fix it, but it doesn't work for 1.0.9 configuration.

    Hah, clearing browser's cache fixed this one.

    BTW: By changing to classes, the corresponding inline style should be deleted, because it will always overwrite a setting by a class. If not, you always have to flush the elements inline styles manually.

    Thank you for your help.

    PS: Uh, of course I meant & nbsp; without whitespace and not (p) in the title. But forum doesn't allow me to insert those bad terms. wink
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    • There are all kinds of TinyMCE configuration settings you can use - put them in the plugin settings in the Custom Parameters field. http://www.tinymce.com/wiki.php/configuration

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      • Quote from: mr.odo at Apr 03, 2013, 08:53 AM
        1) no <p>& nbsp;</p> anymore
        Maybe, delete valid_elements : "*[*]", in TinyMCE Custom Parameters
        • Uh, great, yama, that did the trick. Thx a lot!
          I'll figure out, what "*[*]" was meant for.

          Thank you Susan, for the link.