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  • Two years ago a bug was introduced into Version 1.0.5 which caused a fatal error when using the @INHERIT binding (http://tracker.modx.com/issues/3699 ).

    The fix in Version 1.0.6 introduced a new error (http://forums.modx.com/thread/75623/new-inherit-binding-bug#dis-post-418819) which is still present in V 1.0.9. The 'temporary' solution is again to use the file present in V1.0.4.

    How do you report a bug? I've clicked on 'Found a Bug?' on the right of the page which takes you to the MODX tracker but my previous login doesn't work any longer and there is no 'register' just sign in link. I even registered with Redmine but that didn't allow me to sign in.
    • Hi Randall,

      In theory your modx.com username and password should get you into tracker. If not, please drop be a line to hello@modx.com and we'll get your account sorted.
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      • Thanks Jay, yes that got me in; I'm losing track of all my passwords! I've reported it as a bug but if anyone knows how to fix it without resorting to the V1.0.4 version I'd be grateful.
        • @INHERIT in combination with a default value for TVs isn't working since 1.0.5. Because it wasn't fixed, I'm using this workaround for all of my installations:


          This is somewhat ugly, because nesting in MODx tokens - especially in combination with phx - is limited.
          • This?