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  • Hi I have QuipReply snippet on one page (page 1) and want to send comment do different resource (page 2). Which works, but all link in that comment (author, report as a spam, remove comment) contains url of page 1. Is it possible somehow to set parent for comments?

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      Well Maybe there is better solution, but I solved it this way:
      create custom chunk for report and options with custom filter
      [[+reportUrl:rewriteUrl=`some-page.html` ]]

      where some-page.html is name of the page I want to replace (orginal page where QuipReply is)
      and snippet rewriteUrl:
      $id = $modx->resource->get('id'); //current id
      $url = $modx->makeUrl($id);
      return str_replace($options, $url, $input);