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    Turns out I was barking up the wrong tree.
    In terms of the MIGX markup, I had everything set up correctly.
    All I was simply trying to do was set up links on one page that jump to corresponding
    named anchors on another page.
    The problem appeared to be with the template structure that I had based my destination document on...
    It contained two or three if/else snippet tags (generated by the 'If' extra)...
    for example 'if page id 'x' then no header, if page id 'x' then no footer etc.
    And even though my id anchors were showing up in Page Source as intended,
    they still appeared to be lost when the page was displayed;
    On clicking the link to the named anchor I could see a flash of the named anchor at the
    correct position on the destination page, before it would reload leaving me at the top of the destination page.
    So I think a template issue and not a MIGX one...

    But many thanks for your time Bruno
    And I will look at your suggested MIGX - configurator - CMP workflow...
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      Hi everebody!
      Sorry but I can't find the answer:
      I have MigX structure with field of 'inputTVtype:url'
      Input consists 2 part of field: the protocol (http, https, ftp etc.) and the address.
      How can I get the protocol part?

      Thank you in advance!