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  • I wonder a bit about cloud behaviour in case of subdomains actually...

    I have a Domain in xyz.com rooted to the Cloud via DNS A Record.
    I created the Domain modxCloud-Manager too and use GatewayManager to root it to an special Context.
    Everything works fine in this case.

    But now i want to have a subdomain of xyz.com. Lets say wtf.xyz.com. smiley
    so i created that Subdomain in the modxCloud-Manager, and create a Contextrooting via Gatewaymanager.

    So i thought DNS A Record would root to the CloudServer in subdomain case too, the cloudserver answers "jap here it is ... the base domain" and its subdomain... and the Gatewaymanager rootes the subdomain to the subdomains comntext.

    But the server isn't found in this case.

    OK, i was told to wait a bit... because updateing DNS within 24h. I did the creation yesterday... and so about 24h are over now.
    So, maybe i do some mistake... and just before bothering the support, i will ask here in Front of the requirements and things i have to do with creating a subdomain for a alredy existent domain with redirection to a special context with Gatewaymanager.

    Thank you!

    With best regards,