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  • Dear modxcloud developers, smiley

    I know https / ssl support was already announced for 1.1 2 month ago.
    My Customer already waiting like me 2 month too... gets a bit more interessted now... because also his developement stucks without any info.

    I would be very happy, if there would be a more or less precise info about https. So decisions can be made on this side.

    Thank you!

    with best regards,

    This question has been answered by splittingred. See the first response.

    • discuss.answer

      We already can do SSL installs for you, if you purchase the certificate yourself. Our only restriction is that the certificate be SNI-compatible. You can file a ticket with support to get it installed.
        shaun mccormick | bigcommerce mgr of software engineering, former modx co-architect | github | splittingred.com
      • Thank you very much for this answer i will tell this and we will consider about... Thank you!!!

        with best regards,