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  • I've recently started using git and really like the workflow it provides. I'm about to start developing a site with MODX Cloud and would like to implement some kind of version control (mostly for CSS but not exclusively) Can git be used with Cloud or would something like VersionX be a better option?

    Many thanks!
    • jonleverrier Reply #2, 7 years ago
      @bobwai - I believe it is possible to use Git with MODX cloud, although there are some limitations (there are a few posts in this forum about it):

      VersionX is a fantastic tool, but not a substitute for Git. It allows version control for snippets, chunks, tv's & resources etc, but involves working 'online'.

      This is the way I chose to work on a recent project (with VersionX, Snapshots, and daily backups on my dev cloud). As it was a small project, and i was the only person working on it, working online and in this manor was fine. [ed. note: jonleverrier last edited this post 7 years ago.]