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  • This is probably a really dumb question but:

    Should the template chunks for Quip (tplComment, tplCommentOptions, tplComments, tplReport) be shown in the Chunks section of the Elements?

    There is no Quip folder under chunks in my Elements tree and none of the templates above are to be found anywhere.

    • The files are in core/components/quip/elements/chunks

      You might not want to edit them there though, &tplComment=`chunkName` etc in the snippet calls should let you define your own chunk, rather than directly editing the default value.
      • Agree with pixsaul - editing the default chunks is a bad idea, as your changes will be erased whenever you upgrade the extra (Quip, in this case). Better to use an extra's &tpl properties.
          Jesse Couch
          MODX Aficionado, Front-End Designer & Developer
        • I could be wrong but I believe later versions of Quip do place the chunks in the Elements under the Quip category. You should always duplicated and modify as was said above, you'll lose changes on upgrade.
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