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    I've installed and configured DittoCal. I can see the calendar on page but the snippet is not showing any post. As I understand DittoCal can't get the list of restricted pages. There is degug output of snippet:
    Initial Data from Json
    "title":"blog json output",
    "copyright":"GLT GROUP 2009",


    Data after JSON decoding
    stdClass Object
    [title] => blog json output
    [link] => http://mysite.ru/blog-json-output
    [description] =>
    [language] => ru
    [copyright] => Site
    [ttl] => 120
    [entries] => Array


    Filter Settings

    Filter Month: 1
    Filter Year: 2013

    Day Array for output

    All pages that I want to get restricted by access rights. And that is the cause of problem. But how can I resolve it?
      • 42604
      • 6 Posts
      Does anybody know how do I make DittoCal to work with restricted pages? Or perhaps anybody know how to use it without ajax?