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  • Can't find anything in the forums on Andchir's amazing Aloha editor plugin. I REALLY hope this gets lots of use/support as it's simply the best editor out there for your average CMS illiterate client.

    HOWEVER, I can't get it to work with friendly URLs. Anybody know how to fix that?
    • Bump? Anybody using this? Is there a forum for this somewhere I'm missing?
      • It would be helpful if you could tell us more about the problem. What do you mean FURLS don't work, how are you trying to use the plugin, etc?
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        • Using Revo 2.2.6 and the default install of Aloha 1.1. For testing I was using it to edit longtitle, pagetitle, and content, all of which work beautifully as long as I'm not using FURLS. With FURLs turned on I'm able to edit these elements on the index page but not on any other page. The plugin works as expected (editable elements display and are editable) but the save function doesn't appear to run at all. No error messages in the log or in my browser console.

          Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong? I've got this annoying feeling it's probably something simple and I'm just not seeing it. Are you using this plugin successfully?
          • Anybody? This is driving me nuts. Seems to me this is an absolutely essential plugin for anybody who needs to pass along minor editing responsibilities to untrained clients, so I can't believe nobody is using this with FURLs enabled. What am I missing?
            • I can confirm the problem.

              The plugin works really great, super easy to use, then I turn on FURLs and it can't save.

              This is really the best in place editing I've seen (and it even does TVs properly), but friendly URLs are also pretty important. I hope it gets a fix out soon.
              • Bump? Anybody? It's time's like these I hate not being a coder.
                • @claytonk

                  I would suggest looking into the RTE over on modMore.com (commercial plugin) as it has a similar feature and is supported. A similar feature that I have played with but not used in production is also available in the CKEditor (ckeditor.com) for which modx had a module for and it is open source.
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                  • Unless I'm missing something, it doesn't look like the modMore editor works front-end like aloha does.