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  • Hi,

    Are there any plans to offer discounts when purchasing multiple single prod cloud.

    We have a client thats going to want duplicate version of a site in terms of looks but will have different content.

    The modxcloud is going to be super useful here, create a snapshot and use that to generate new sites as and when, awesome!!!!!. But this is where it's starts to get expensive. If they have 3 or so sites then it's going to cost $60

    You mention in the FAQ about the prod price being similar to a VPS which is true, but there's no additional cost normally to add more and more sites to it.

    Now I know I can use a different context etc, but this really defeats the whole greatness of the cloud. Where i can create a new site from a snap shot and also back up that individual site. Wouldn't be so bad if you could import each context individual. So I could take a copy of the site in to Dev work on it then import the new context to live without effect any of the other context. But pretty sure this would never be possible due to page ID's being shared across all contexts, or am I wrong as not got much experience with multiple sites in a single instal.

    What I must say is have been very impressed so far with the cloud. Especially the speed of the manager in it. But the cost for a client to have multiple modx prod is to expensive.

    I do hear there are plans on a VPS version, any more details on this?

    Oh also a nice export button would be super handy, I'm using the dev server now to create all sites. Even the ones i know are never going to fork out for a prod server. Be great to just press a button and package containing all files and sql file that i can then easily upload to the client rubbish hosting.

    Keep up the good work as the cloud is looking great.



    • Ok just seen the roadmap post, missed it before. But seems as if this has already been thought of with the private clouds. Hope it comes soon and reasonably priced smiley
      • Have you considered using the same Revo installation to handle all of the domains using contexts? Just how big and busy are each of these sites going to be?
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        • Yeah and think that's what I'm going to have to do.

          But disappointed to lose the option of creating a new skeleton of the site with a snapshot and being able make a copy of the site on dev so new site can be developed without effecting live.

          Seems as if I'd be losing a couple of the best features of the cloud