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  • I'm looking at the various account plans and coming to the end of my 15 day trial and I'm wondering what the total cost will be. What does the + tax mean, will there be additional costs? I'm in the UK if that makes a difference.

    • + tax is typical in the US because most states require a sales tax on all purchases (other than food). I happen to live in a state that does not have a sales tax (our income tax is higher, rather).

      Ideally, if you do not normally pay a sales tax on purchases, the system should not charge you any more than the base price of the product.

      I was a little confused over the price of the packages as well, as the offer indicated 50% off. It's actually 50% off the month to month price rather than 50% off the paid yearly normal price which is already based on a discounted month to month.

      i.e. - the Freelancer plan is $502 paid yearly. But the month to month price is $50/mo, which equates to $600/year. 50% off that is $300.

      The way purchasing was explained to me is thus:
      If you used the BACONSMARTS promo code when you signed up for the 15 day trial in November, the code is logged into your account still. When you go to purchase, the price in the checkout page will not reflect this, however the account will and you should only be charged for your discounted plan.
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      • Thanks for the reply Frogabog, all clear now.