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  • I get an error when trying to clone a private git repo from bitbucket.org.

    Public repos from both gitHub and bitbucket work fine.
    I do clone over HTTPS:
    $ git clone https://username@bitbucket.org/username/my_repo.git

    When I do this locally, I'm asked for my password and all works fine. On the cloud, it directly fails with the following error:
    Cloning into 'my_repo'...
    git-remote-https: /lib/libcurl.so.4: no version information available (required by git-remote-https)
    fatal: could not read Password for 'https://username@bitbucket.org': Permission denied

    (I changed «username» and «my_repo». Just didn't want to publish that here)

    Any recommendations?
    • Maybe you can try cloning using SSH / public key?
        Jeroen Kenters

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      • I just got an answer from MODX support:

        When you're logged into SSH on your Cloud, you can access a private repo by including your username and password in the URL like this:

        git clone https://myusername:mypassword@github.com/path_to/myRepo.git

        @jeroen Cloud does not yet support ssh pull/push via git. I guess, that rules out using a key.