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  • MODX Cloud is not, IMO, a solution, but instead a box of tools that make creating, managing, replicating, and working with MODX websites simpler and faster. We've done a lot of work to make something that we are, much like the CMS, very, very proud of. When my boss asks me: "Kevin, when will Cloud be done?" I invariably answer: "Never". And it's true!

    Here is the present Cloud Roadmap for the next two big releases:


    • SSL Certificate Support: This is a big one, and will take quite a bit of engineering to put into the system, as there are a great number of moving parts to track with it, and we need to do an integration with some service to procure the certs.
    • Rewrite Rules: Yep, we hear you, we want them too. In order to make Cloud as performant as it is, we've opted for something other than Apache for the webserver, NGINX. I want to come up with a reasonable, powerful, capable interface for you to use this with that does not require the user to learn yet another rewrite system, so I expect that we will innovate something really, really cool for this.
    • Redo of the Cloud Dashboard Header: We have stuff at the top of the dashboard, but we want it to be better. This is gonna be pretty.
    • Disk Space / Bandwidth / Vault / Logs: We are writing a system to calculate and display all of this information for you.
    • Remote Access to MySQL: Again, we've heard you. Security tops the list of things that we strive for in Cloud, but getting you to your data / tables is important. Again, off to innovation land to find a smart, secure, speedy way to get you to your databases.


    • Moving the Vault: We've found a faster place to store the Vault. Now to just engineer the connection / move all your stuff to it...
    • Marketplace: It was there, it was gone, it was there, it was gone. Shaun is coming up to Dallas this week, and we're going to figure out some of what is needed to make it work. I expect that you will hear more about it in the near future, but for now, I think it's going to be awesome.
    • Private Clouds: A massive development effort, but one that we believe will really set the whole of MODX Cloud even further apart from other 'Cloud' products. The overall implementation is still under discussion, but the present thinking is giving you the ability to have your own separate set of disk and memory to put as many clouds on as you want. Again, it's still under discussion.
    • Email Hosting Integration: The bane of everyone's existence. We want to find a good, powerful, reputable email hosting partner with an excellent API that integrates with Cloud so we can bring all of the other parts of hosting a domain into one place. If you have suggestions, please let me know.
    • Inter-Account Messaging: Something Susan Ottwell suggested that makes a lot of sense to us. The ability to communicate, thru the dashboard or alongside individual clouds, with other members of the account. Whether you use it or not, entirely up to you.

    That's the short list for now. We've polished up 1.0 and are moving on to the 1.1 list of efforts. I'll provide you with timelines once I have them.
      Kevin Marvin :: MODX, LLC