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  • Hi, I have a Problem. I want explain what I have done:
    I made a new Installation MODX Revo 2.2.4. After this I delete all files (but I didn´t delete 3 files: system-settings, context-settings and workspaces) from mysql modx-tables.
    After this I import a dump from another Installation (same 2.2.4), this dump excludes the 3 files.

    It all works, but I can´t change the chunks. When I will open the existing chunks in the manager I get:
    HTTP-Fehler 500 (Internal Server Error).

    I can't understand this. Have you an idea? Thanks a lot!
    • I have forgotten: I can do the "fast creating" the chunk.
      • Try reinstalling MODX. Unzip a new copy of the MODX files on the server (not via FTP, use the control panel). Clear the cache/core folder contents, then re-run setup as an upgrade.

        If you want to check the chunks in the database, they're in the site_htmlsnippets table.
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        • Thank you, I try this!