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    Hi all,

    we have problems using the MS SQL Server with MODX.

    - Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard (64bit)
    - IIS 7.5
    - PHP 5.4.6 (as FastCGI)
    - Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 2012
    - Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (on database server)
    - Modx 2.2.4 traditional
    - enabled PDO via "extension=php_pdo_sqlsrv_54_nts.dll" in php.ini

    We have configured the IIS and PHP properly, like described in "Introducing the Microsoft Drivers for PHP for SQL Server". The System is running and the installation process completes successfully (seemingly).
    But MODX has several bugs or rather shows strange behavior.

    1.) There is no package provider declared.

    The logs say: "Could not find the main provider for some reason with a name of "modx.com". Did you delete it?" --> of course not!
    Beside, it is not possible to create a new provider and point it to "http://rest.modx.com/extras/". Error: [2012-09-07 17:07:43] (DEBUG @ /connectors/workspace/packages-rest.php) Language string not found: "provider_err_nf"

    2.) Manager logs shows no information (is completly emtpy)

    3.) During the installation process, when choosing collation and connection charset only Latin1 is available. Is that normal? Is it not possible to choose UTF-8 when using MSSQL?

    4.) Configuration Check shows: "Configuration warning: Config file still writable!" and "Configuration warning: Installer still present". Even though it should be readonly and deleted!

    We have no idea what goes wrong nor how to solve the problem. Is it possible to log the entire installation process somehow? Any suggestions how to enclose the malefactor?

    Best regards,

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      Hello loxy,

      I am having the same problem you did before. Managed to get Modx site running on MSSQL 2017 but:

      1. Manager log is empty
      2. Couldn't restrict resources in user groups (ACLs)

      It'd help a tonne if you could share your solution if you ever did resolve this issue.

      Thank you.
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        Nope. No idea. Don't know how we fixed that and if we fixed it all all. Sorry, to long ago...