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  • When I'm into a container I need to go to the next resource/page into that container.
    For a normal website u can use the snippet "PrevJumpNext".
    But this isn't build for Yams.

    Is there anyone out there who succesfully has a link to the next or prev page into a container?

    [! PrevJumpNext? &tpl=`PrevNextDiv` &displayWhat=`menutitle` &includeFolders=`0` &displayFixed=`0` &useJump=`0` &displayNoPrevNext=`1` &displayTotal=`0` &displayTitle=`1`  &sortBy=`menuindex` &sortHow=`DESC` !]
    <div class="PrevJumpNext">
    [+phx:if=`[+PJN_prevID+]`:is=`-1`:then=`« Prev`:else=`<a href="[~[+PJN_prevID+]~]">« Prev[+PJN_prevText+]</a>`+]
    [+phx:if=`[+PJN_nextID+]`:is=`-1`:then=`Next »`:else=`<a href="[~[+PJN_nextID+]~]">Next »[+PJN_nextText+]</a>`+]

    using (yams_id) doesnt work.
    my output is something like: (yams_id:en) instead of a page url. [ed. note: fourroses666 last edited this post 7 years, 6 months ago.]
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