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  • So, I havent used IGX yet, but I can see its usefulness.

    In the pipeline are a few websites that need to have user generated lists that are Resources specific. Now I could jsut list the Child resources under the parent using getresources but that seems counter productive in the long run.

    would MIGX work for this kid of situation?

    I was thinking of having a few fields, e.g

    Link URL

    And a layout template of (its rough btw)

    tpl name: moo

    <li><a href="[[+LinkURL]]">[[+title]]<a/></br>
    <img src="[[+image]]"></li>

    but Im not sure how I'd go about it from there other than


    Am i on the right lines?

    • this looks good.
      If you have defined the fields either by formtabs/columns or by MIGX-configurator this should work.

        you can buy me a beer, if you like MIGX


      • Thanks, I'll try it later today, just wanted to make sure my understanding was right before i got myself ina muddle

        EDit: Thanks Bruno fpr your help. [ed. note: Tyreal2012 last edited this post 7 years, 10 months ago.]