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    Sorry folks if this is repeated topic.

    mxCalendar 1.1.5pl
    modx 2.2.4pl

    Anyone else having an issue with IE9 using the AJAX navigation - clicking one of the arrows on the month view renders a blank page. No issues with FireFox, Chrome or Safari.

    IE9 renders the modal itself fine. It's just the month to month navigation.

    Great Calendar BTW.
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      Yep, Same problem here.

      Also, in the Manager sometime create new events using IE9 doesn't work. Click on Save until you are blue in the face and nothing happens. But then sometimes it does.
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        Mine looks okay in IE9. I did have some serious js contention issues in where mxcalendar was inserting the jquery call. Make sure if you are already calling jquery on your page, you set the property on the mxcalendar snippet to not load the jquery library again. I created a new property set for each version of the snippet call (one for list view and one for the cal view) to make sure any upgrades wouldn't blow me up. They seem to be working except for my chunk calls (on a separate thread).

        Also, at Charles's suggestion, I had to make sure the mxcalendar.js script was loaded last using a TV explicitly on the page I wanted it to load.

        Mind you none of these were IE issues exclusively though. IE is squirrley when it come to JS in general Maybe it will help.