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  • I have a website using babel and I am trying to use the googleSitemap snippet to generate the xml for all contexts. So far when I use the context property and write a comma separated list of the contexts, it returns nothing. If I just leave it it will output the xml for that context.

    The resource is sitting in the web context and needs to reference the es and en contexts. The web context is the default context and the german version of the website.

    Anyone have any tips?

    I am running Revo 2.2.4 and Babel 2.2.5
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      Same question how to use this snippet in mutli context environment

      Thank you
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        I have te same problem.

        Did someone find a solution to this problem?

        I am running Revo 2.2.14 | Babel 2.2.5 | GoogleSiteMap 1.3.1

        Thank you.

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          For those stumbling on this thread looking on how to configure GoogleSiteMap with multiple context, you have to use it like this:
          [[!GoogleSiteMap? &context=`web-fr,web-en`]]

          Sorry to bring up an old thread, but this is the first that come up when searching on Google.
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            Good tip, thanks. smiley

            Just to clarify, web-fr, and web-en are the actual context keys of your contexts, right?

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