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    I'm on to a new project and need some help. I want to have someone register on the site and I was going to collect the username, password, and email along with the credit card information. If the transaction is approved then weblogin writes the data to the database and the user would continue with filling out about 5 more pages of forms. I can get the weblogin working by itself (haven't tried the additional forms yet) and I can get the credit card processing working on it own. Don't know how or where to begin on writing the code for both.

    as always, any help is appreciated.
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      Anyone? Is Evolution now dead?
      • We never had much luck getting WebloginPE working for our needs, which didn't involve online transactions. The one thing that did seam to work semi reliability was registering users to a temporary group, and then manually approving/switching users at a later point in time.

        Perhaps you could use the same approach (It's what SubscribeMe does for Revo)?

        I wouldn't say Evolution is dead, but I think most if not all of the active developers work on Revolution. I know we stopped building new sites with Evolution back in Jan. I don't know of any other developers still actively using it for new projects personally.
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          Hello Charlie,

          Not sure to catch your issue but from what I understood :
          1) You have WebloginPE registering new user, with credit card information as extended attribute(s).
          2) Any registred user should then be able to login.
          3) Your additional forms should be protected pages (based on user groups) that your registred users can access.

          On thoses protected pages, the MemberCheck snippet can help you display alternative contents whether the user belongs to some group or not.

          I build websites that integrate WebloginPE on MODX Evolution.
          I can provide some videos showing what I can do.
          If interested, just send me a personal message with your name and how can I contact you.