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  • chris@studiorepublic.com Reply #1, 7 years, 11 months ago

    I'm trying to use this.Renderdate with a MIGX tv. I've set manager_date_format to d-m-Y but this isn't having an effect. I have 2.2.3 installed and the code is there in grid.config.inc.php:

    $renderer['this.renderDate'] = "
    renderDate : function(val, md, rec, row, col, s) {
        var date;
        date = Date.parseDate(val, 'Y-m-d H:i: s');
        return String.format('{0}', date.format(MODx.config.manager_date_format+' '+MODx.config.manager_time_format));

    My grid is defined as:

    {"header": "Week", "width": "50", "sortable": "false", "dataIndex": "week"},
    {"header": "Price", "width": "350", "sortable": "false", "dataIndex": "price"},
    {"header": "Begins", "width": "150", "sortable": "false", "dataIndex": "begins", "renderer": "this.renderDate"},
    {"header": "Ends", "width": "150", "sortable": "false", "dataIndex": "ends", "renderer": "this.renderDate"},
    {"header": "Sold", "width": "50", "sortable": "false", "dataIndex": "sold"}

    Any ideas on why it's not working?
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    • custom-renderers didn't work in a normal MIGX-grid, only in the default MIGXdb-grid

      with this fix it should now:

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      • chris@studiorepublic.com Reply #3, 7 years, 10 months ago
        Bruno - you're a legend! Thanks for your help - working perfectly now smiley
          Studio Republic
          0845 226 3205