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    Cliche was working fine and then suddenly I can't upload any images and it's looking like (checking via FTP) no physical galleries are created?

    Error: cliche.upload_max_filesize

    Revo 2.2.2 trad
    Cliche 1.0.1
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      To aonyone who is getting the following error:

      • cliche.upload_max_filesize

      The error is caused by simple mistake in the class which is handling file upload.

      Find the file core/components/cliche/model/cliche/helpers/fileuploader.class.php and change the line number 59 from this:

      • if ($postSize < $this->config['sizeLimit']){

      to this:

      • if ($postSize > $this->config['sizeLimit']){
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        Thanks for the tip, but I had another error after your modification.
        So I comment all the "if" block, and it's working well now smiley