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  • I'm messing arround with MIGXdb for the first time and and setting up tables and schemas worked like a charm. This is a great enhancement for modx!

    Working on some frontpage things I'm facing a few obstacles I want to discuss.

    &where Parameter

    I need to check if a Multiselect TV inside a MIGXdb grid field contains the value "29"

    As some fields contain more than one value, I can't use a simple IS condition.

    Inside the DB both values are seperated by a double pipe (29||49) and as the TV is set to output a comma delimited list the placeholder output is as expected: 29,49

    I tried to use "find", "ia" or "find_pd" (migx.class.php line 1205+) to get this particular row by searching for "29", but without any success.

    Fortunately the &where parameter seems to understand SQL:

    &where=`{ "published:=":"1" , "resource_ids:LIKE":"%49%" }` 

    As far as I understand the where syntax from getImageList is not fully implemented into MIGXdb. Is this correct?

    &docid parameter

    I try to get a some results from a different resource. but I never get a result in return.

    Example: I have 10 rows in a table that point to resource no. 1 inside resource_id. They can be seen and edited inside the TV. It's also possible to output them if you render resource no. 1.

    Now I want to output them in resource no 2. As far as I understand this is where the &docid paramter comes in.



    If I call this snippet from Resource no. 1. I get the expected result. If I change the docid Parameter to something else this has no impact on the result. I stil get the same output.

    If I call the snippet from resource no 2 I don't get anything at all.

    This is also true for any use of &docidVarKey and any URL parameter. They are ignored.

    The only thing I seem to be able to do is with the migx snippet to output results in their "home" resource.

    What Am i missing here?


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    • I've just uploaded a new version MIGX 2.2.2
      there is a snippet migxLoopCollection

      try thisone to get a Collection from your custom-tables with something like that:

      an example-call of migxLoopCollection:

      &queries=`{"xPDOQuery::SQL_AND":"CONCAT('||',resource_ids,'||') LIKE '%||49||%'"}`
      {"alias":"tvmigx2","classname":"modTemplateVarResource","on":"tvmigx2.contentid = Resource.id and tvmigx2.tmplvarid = 5"}]`

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