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  • I've read other threads about this and I don't think I'm doing something wrong. So here's what's up:

    MODx Revolution =>
    downloaded the advanced package (why? I'll get to that in a sec): http://modx.com/download/downloading/?id=4fa1621bf245545d3b00009d

    Following this walkthrough with the precision of a scientist:

    What I'm doing specifically:
    ----First, I renamed AND moved the /core/ directory to a safer place. Permissions set to 0755 like a boss.
    (all permissions within the '<core>' directory also set to 0755 too)

    ----Poured thermite on the contents of the /core/cache/ directory. There were no survivors; burn in hell.

    ---mod_core_path stage completed.

    ----didn't touch the config key

    ----left advanced options off

    ----Database options accomplished.

    ----clicked the "Test database server connection and view collations" jazz.

    Connection to db server success!

    ----character set collation matching utf8s.

    ----Brace for impact.

    ----Click "Create or test selection of your database."

    "Checking database: MODX could not create your database. Please manually create your database and then try again."


    Ok MODx, fine. I'll create a database.

    ----PHPMyAdmin get.

    ----create database. check. leave contents blank. no tables. just name.

    ----MODX populate this noise.

    feels bad man.

    So. my fellow MODxers, I am at a loss. If I messed anything up, it's anything involved in the PHPMyAdmin step. How does one go about creating a database that MODx will impregnate? I don't want her to be too easy for the 31337haxxors out there to get to but I need her to do her **** job. If MODx won't do it for me, can a man get a walkthrough?

    Thanks in advance.

    This question has been answered by andeqoo. See the first response.

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      Ohhhhhh god I wanna kill stuff right now.

      You know what the solution was?
      too bad. You'll never get it.
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        I made a nu db using a simpler than phpmyadmin program (that was auto installed on my server) to create a new db, and realized that when the server created the other dbs they did so with a prefixed word followed by the name I chose.
        That was so dumb.