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    I has just installed MODx 2.2.2 on IIS 7.5. Installation process was successfully finished but when I opened manager panel I saw a 500 error in popup window.
    Firebug shows that these scripts cause 500 error:

    • /connectors/lang.js.php?ctx=mgr&topic=topmenu,file,resource,workspace,namespace&action=69
    • /manager/min/index.php?f=/dekor/manager/assets/modext/widgets/modx.treedrop.js,/dekor/manager/assets/modext/widgets/windows.js,/dekor/manager/assets/modext/widgets/resource/modx.tree.resource.js,/dekor/manager/assets/modext/widgets/element/modx.tree.element.js,/dekor/manager/assets/modext/widgets/system/modx.tree.directory.js,/dekor/manager/assets/modext/core/modx.view.js,/dekor/manager/assets/modext/core/modx.layout.js
    • /connectors/lang.js.php?ctx=mgr&topic=topmenu,file,resource,workspace,namespace&action=69
    • /connectors/layout/modx.config.js.php?action=69&wctx=mgr
    • /connectors/system/registry/register.php
    • /connectors/resource/index.php?action=getNodes&id=root

    What should I do with this? [ed. note: extravert34 last edited this post 11 years, 10 months ago.]
    • Do you have access to any error logs in IIS that might reveal why these are triggering 500 errors. Those usually occur when a PHP error is triggered.
      • I have the same issues. An empty manager (only the top menu is showing up) and an empty rest.

        /connectors/config.core.php and /connectors/lang.js.php are empty if I open them via browser (with all the parameters) and firebug shows me an internal server error (500) on these two requests.

        Unfortunately I cant even upgrade to 2.2.4 to see if this fixes the issue, as the logout-button relies on javascript (which apparently doesnt work) and it is recommended to logout befor an upgrade.
        • You don't need to logout in order to upgrade...

          Without access to error logging on IIS, it's going to be really difficult to figure out what is causing your errors.
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            Hello. I have the same problem. My hosting provider said that there is a php_wincache module that cause the fatal error and I can trace the bug down by using:

            ini_set('display_errors', 1);

            SInce I'm not a great programmer, I'm not sure where to put those. Maybe into xpdowincache.class.php?

            Would be great if you could help to resolve this as I heard MODX Revo is a good CMS.
            • @vscotch - can you disable wincache? I tried running wincache and I could not get it to run stable with my PHP scripts and MODX so I shut it down.

              @extravert34 & @gallenkamp It has been awhile since I updated to 2.2 but I had to turn off compressJS and compressCSS via the database and I might had to then manually delete the cache. Then it worked. Not sure if this is the same issue you are/did have.
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                I have asked my hosting provider, he said he couldn't shut it down as the option is for all clients, not for me only. He proposes to turn errors display off in MODX scripts.
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                  I asked my hosting provider to switch me to linux hosting and that handled all the problems. Thank you.
                  • I am having this issue on a Domain Factory server. The following scripts are production a Server 500

                    lang.js.php, modx.config.js.php

                    See attached file. I checked my config path to the connectors folder and the permissions. But everything seems to check out. Any ideas where I can look?
                      Benjamin Davis: American web designer living in Munich, Germany and a MODX Ambassador. I am also co-founder of SEDA.digital, a MODX Agency.
                    • It seems that if you are forcing UTf8 Charset on your files via the htaccess file, it won't work. That was standard in our .htaccess file. I commented that out, and now it works.
                        Benjamin Davis: American web designer living in Munich, Germany and a MODX Ambassador. I am also co-founder of SEDA.digital, a MODX Agency.