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  • I've been playing around with simpleCart, a very nice little JQuery cart application with built-in support for PayPal, Google and Amazon payment gateways (so far). This looks like an excellent way to generate a simple catalog.

    In my case, we're dealing with yarns, with a few different types of yarn. Plenty of images, a little bit of descriptive text. One of these set up for each type of yarn would make an excellent source for generating the simpleCart "shelf". No need to have separate resources for each item, which is often not really appropriate. Can even have a field for colors with the appropriate photo to use in generating a set of checkboxes.
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      Typo in step 4 and the name of chunk in 5 - 6.

      galleryGertes - galleryGetres.

      I'm having trouble in trying it.
      I can't see what step 8 is saying.
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        I can't see what step 8 is saying.

        what do you see? your generated html, please!

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          2. Now create new template. Give it some name, for example galleryTpl. You do not have to enter any HTML code, but go to Template Variables tab in template settings and give access for TV we have created in step 1 (galleryPhotos) by checking it. You can also do it in TV settings under Template Access tab

          Enlighten me.