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  • So I have a pretty basic install of Quip. I haven't changed anything besides some minor CSS yet. When I post a comment, the comment options do not show up. I am assuming they are supposed to be available for up to 3 minutes after? I set it to 5 but anyways here is my call:

    [[!Quip? &thread=`blog-post-[[*id]]` &closeAfter=`30` &threaded=`0` &removeThreshold=`5`]]

    The strange thing is.. the div displays, but nothing inside of it:

    <div class="quip-comment-options"></div>

    I checked the chunk and it seems fine.. really have no idea what's going on.. what about you guys Thanks for reading. [ed. note: stenzor last edited this post 9 years, 4 months ago.]
    • anyone know of an active forum where i can get modx support?
      • Although this topic is over a year old, I've got the same problem. Is there a solution to this?