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  • Hi,

    I would like to manage and show the next event or open days for a parachuting club (with day, date, hours and airfield place) in a chronologic order..
    - the next 7 event in the welcome page
    - a page where all the events can be seen


    sa 03 april 09:00 - 20:00 bern
    di 04 april 13:00 - 19:00 bern
    sa 10 april 09:00 - 20:00 gva
    di 11 april 13:00 - 19:00 gva

    and I also need RSS available.

    Is it possible in modx revolution ?

    Thanks a lot.

    • whistlemaker Reply #2, 9 years ago
      Is it possible in modx revolution ?

      You might try using Articles - http://rtfm.modx.com/display/ADDON/Articles it should be adaptable to your needs and it does RSS
      • ok. thanks. I'll have a look, but it seem to complex for this simple usage.
        • whistlemaker Reply #4, 9 years ago
          to complex
          possibly, probably, in fact I'm coming to the opinion that perhaps Modx itself (or any of the major CMSs) is more complex than needed for what you are describing.

          There is also ChurchEvents - http://rtfm.modx.com/display/ADDON/Church+Events+Calendar
          I believe it has RSS. It might be simpler to set up and use - never done it myself.
          • so you think that Modx isn't the best choice for standard use like that ? Maybe Drupal would be a better choice ? I think Modx is really good for SEO, and conorm for W3c... that some reaseon of my choice. But it's true it seem to be difficult to use some standard module like event, and e-commerce with specific payement gateway...
            • whistlemaker Reply #6, 9 years ago
              so you think that Modx isn't the best choice for standard use like that ?
              That is MOST definitively NOT what I meant.

              Modx is a great choice and IMHO a much better choice than Drupal or Joomla or Wordpress (unless you are creating a blog and don't mind messing with their template system or have a template in mind) - I say this having used all three on live sites (though Joomla only briefly - I just did not like it, so why use it).

              What I was getting at was that for my own use I am questioning the value of a complex CMS/CMF.
              I often seem to end up either creating custom code for a site to get the functionality I really want, or wishing I had!
              I think that for my purposes and skills a smaller framework or simpler CMS would be a better fit - I have been checking out CodeIgnitor and Fuel and also thinking of moving away from PHP to Python and have checked out Python based frameworks Pyramid and Flask.

              But I am getting off topic.
              Modx is a great choice.
              If your needs fit into the ChurchEvents extra that would be an easy way to go
              Modx makes it easy to make things look the way you want them to
              IMHO don't switch to Drupal!

              and remember the answer to
              Is it possible in modx revolution ?
              is always yes (well if it can be done on the web with php), it just might take writing a little php code.
              • whistlemaker Reply #7, 9 years ago
                And there is also EventsX - I know nothing about it... yet
                I am about to check it out before rolling my own!
                • whistlemaker Reply #8, 9 years ago
                  version 0.1.0 beta - so one's expectations have to be not too high

                  It works - a few notes:

                  creates its own table in the database to store events

                  it does not have a field for times, and the date field that could hold a time as well as a date (with a data type of datetime) is set up to hold only a date

                  there is a CMP - link to it in the components menu. - what might not be very obvious to users is that you have to control click / right click to edit an event once created and you cannot click on the active box to change it.

                  It will probably work for my purposes - it might work for you, probably depends on wether you need a time field (as opposed to just entering a time in one of the text fields).
                  • Hi,

                    Thanks, you're right ! I gave up because of the difficulty. So I'll try with EventsX. I'me sure Modx is a good choice.